October 2014

Makeup Magic

Like your clothes, make-up can enhance your looks and give you confidence.  As with your style, to get it right you need to know what suits you and how to create different looks.

Your lips and eyes have the most impact, so you need to know the best products and application techniques to get the most flattering looks for you.  To help you get started, we are giving you our quick guide to perfect eye shadow and lipstick application...

NEW Eye Shadow and Lipstick Base

There are certain products that you simply can't do without like your mascara and a lipstick in your best shade.  Then there are 'magic' products which are magic because they are so clever. Our Eye Shadow and Lipstick Base is just that. Before you even consider your eye and lip shades, you need to use a good make-up base.

Our new base grabs colour brilliantly, so you can ensure your eye shadow and lipstick stay in place longer.  You get two products in one, so it takes up less space and, you won't have to keep reapplying your make-up



Applying your Eye Shadow

  • After applying yourEyeshadow and Lipstick Base, choose one of the lightest colours from your eye shadow palette and with the blender brush, apply over the entire eye area.  The base colour, also known as the highlight shade, will ensure that further colours will blend together.
  • Take your angled brush and apply a neutral, medium-depth colour, known as a contour shade, if you want to shade or contour any area of the eye.  Now apply the strongest or accent colour using the same brush to give eye definition.
  • Using the blender brush and your blender shade, which should also be a medium, neutral-depth shade, blend all the colours together to give an even look all over.  This will prevent blocks of colour or harsh edges between the contour shade and the accent colour. 

Applying your Lipstick

  • Smile while applying a small amount of the Eyeshadow and Lipstick Base distributing it evenly and smoothly.  Allow to dry for 15 seconds before applying lipstick. 
  • Apply your lip pencil using the tip of the pencil, outline the whole of the mouth to stop the lipstick bleeding. Then, using the side of the point of the pencil, fill in the rest of the lips to give colour and depth to your lipstick or gloss. 
  • Load your lip brush with your lip colour and work the lipstick thoroughly into the bristles of the brush.  Smile and apply lipstick all over the lips. Blot with a tissue, re-apply and blot again to remove any excess grease from the lipstick. 

NEW Lipstick Shades

We added some gorgeous new shades to our lipstick collection in spring and we are now launching three more for autumn:  Cinnamon, Joy and Soft Plum. Colour is the quickest way to update your look and a new lipstick shade is the easiest first step.  Reds, rusts and plums are the shades to be seen in for the new season, so pick your perfect lipstick look.

Who can wear what?

Cinnamon    Warm, Deep & Warm, Soft & Warm, 
Joy                Cool and Clear, Clear and Cool
Soft Plum     Cool, Deep and Cool, Clear and Cool 

Take part in our Colour poll on Female First and tell us 
which colour you wear to make you feel confident!

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We only worry about the way we look when we don’t feel good in something. Never, ever go out of your door wearing something like that because you won’t have fun and enjoy yourself! Give yourself time to think your outfit through and try it all on to check it works for you. If you are going somewhere nice you want to feel good, then you will enjoy what you are wearing and just have a great time.


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