Sue's Inspiring One to One Image Programmes

These programmes offer options for ladies who would like to benefit from a value added series of consultations and services.

Ackermann for Au/Wi 2014/15

   1.  The Ultimate Image Programme   Click here

   2.  Fab after 50  Click here


For a group of ladies together click here for options





The Ultimate Image Programme

Lanvin Au/Wi 2014/15We begin this exciting journey with an illuminating 2 hour Colour Analysis, the crucial foundation stone for any Makeover.

Your Make-up lesson is designed to enhance your colouring, facial features, personality and lifestyle.

Another essential ingredient for looking and feeling your best is the Personal Styling. Shape, height, personality and lifestyle all play their part in creating a successful wardrobe. We discuss hair as feeling good about your cut and colour is so important.

Next I come to you for 4 hours of wardrobe weeding and planning. We decide what works, what could be re vamped and what realistically needs to go! NB. I may have to make a small travel charge, agreed in advance and payable on the day.

AND THEN........... 3 hours of 1-2-1 personal shopping to try on new ideas and find good investments that you will just love wearing!! This experience is a great opportunity to consolidate everything we have discussed, and there is no obligation to spend!!

To recap, the Ultimate Image Programme includes

  • A 2 hour colour analysis with a wallet of fabric samples
  • Make up lesson with reference notes
  • Personal Styling with your individual Style File as a life-long guide.
  • 4 hours of wardrobe weeding and planning at your home
  • 3 hours of personal shopping in Cheltenham

COST.  At £590 this exclusive programme will save you a hefty £150!!

So, effectively, your personal shopping experience is FREE!!

You may wish, where practical, to group some sessions together on the same day or choose to space them out. The important thing is for us to plan a programme that works for you.

to pay on-line.

If you would like to surprise someone with a gift voucher for this consultation.

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Madeleine Au/Wi 2014/15Fab after 50 Programme

Age is just a number. Yet every birthday ending in a 0 has an impact.

For many women 50 is some kind of watershed in their life. You are still the same person, and you still feel young on the inside, but there may have been many changes in your lifestyle. You start to feel frustrated with your bulging wardrobe and unsure about what you really WANT to wear. The shops seem full of clothes that are for much younger or much older women. You are seeing fashions come around for the second or even third time. You don’t want to dress like your daughter or your mother. It is a story I hear time and again, and one I am totally in tune with. In many cultures ladies who have a few more birthdays under their belt are revered as being full of wisdom. So we are very special ladies and it is our attitude that matters far more than any number!

Click here for full details

The cost of this comprehensive and illuminating programme is £540, a fantastic saving of £100 against booking each of these sessions individually.

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If you would like to surprise someone with a gift voucher for this consultation.

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** This thank you is long overdue. Just to say how much I appreciate having done your courses. The knowledge I now have about myself has been a great boost to my confidence.  I only wish I had the opportunity years ago. The time I have saved in not worrying what to wear with what and when is incredible. **  Sue

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